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A Newfoundland moose hunting or black bear hunting trip with A1Hunts Twin Lakes is an adventure you won’t forget!

100% Newfoundland Moose Hunting Success during the 2014 season at!!                       (709) 668-3315

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Newfoundland is an island in the North Atlantic in Eastern Canada and offers some of the most exciting and successful moose hunting in the world as well as some of the world’s largest black bears!

Twin Lakes Outfitters has been operating successful moose hunts in Newfoundland for over 25 years and has managed a totally remote moose hunting area of over 50,000 acres. The main hunting lodge is accessible by road meaning no travel delays or down time due to bad weather as experienced with fly-in operations.

We take a maximum of 6 hunters per week and utilize the main hunting lodge and private outback camps to spread our hunters over greater private areas maintaining low hunting pressure, high moose trophy opportunities and a nearly 100% success moose hunting rate.

For those who have walking difficulties we utilize side by side ATVs and pickup trucks to access fringe second-growth areas abundant with moose and bear with excellent success.

Woods n' Water



Moose Hunt October 2014


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At Twin Lakes Outfitters, working hard for your success is not just our job, it’s ouNewfoundland Moose Huntingr passion!!


If you are planning on hunting Moose or Black Bear in Newfoundland feel free to call me anytime. I'd love to hear from you and it would be my pleasure to give you any information you require and discuss what would best suit you.

For more information contact:
Craig Pelley


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